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Week 1 project – Peony

Some time ago I bought this book – Fabric Flowers Fun-to-Wear of Elizabeth Helene Searle. Few of her projects are interesting and I decided to start my blog with a very simple flower from this book.

I would consider the level of complexity – Beginner / Time – 30 min / Effect – Distinct

Can be used as a brooch or made in smaller dimensions you can accessorize your shoes, belt or bag.

1. You need:

– fabric (7.5cm x 125cm strip, recommended torn for the final effect;

– scissors;

– needle and threat;

– tailor meter;

– pins and tailor chalk

2. From the piece of fabric measure and tear a strip of 7.5 x 125cm. To make my life a bit easier I used the tailor chalk and i started to draw on the fabric from one edge to the other triangles with 45 degrees angle for the whole length of the strip.

3. Stitch over the  drawn lines for the whole length of strip, at the end gather the fabric tightly

and here the way it looks after you gather it all

4. After I gather the whole fabric, I started to roll it around and sew here and there to secure the roll. And here we are:

Hope you enjoy doing this yourself!

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