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Simple Felt Fabric Flower

This is one of the easiest flowers one can make. I used as inspiration a tutorial from here. Cutting and putting together the petals is similar however, for a richer and fantastic effect, I added a central piece: hand made felt pom pom.

 1. You need: felt in 2 different colours, scissors, needles, thread, brooch pin or safety pin, tailors chalk and template.

2. Put the paper template over the felt. I use the chulk to design the shape and then cut it around the line. Cut 4 such shapes.

3. Next you fold the rounded petals into half. Press them to keep being folded or you can shortly iron them but do not insist too much.

4. Now you arrange them. The next petal corner has to be over the previous petal. Once arranged, it should look like in the picture.

5. Time for the pom-pom. Take a different colour felt stripe, about 4x10cm size. Bent it on half lengthwise. Start to sew the open edge.

6. Once done, cut along the other edge, creating a sort of fringe.

7. After finishing this, roll it up and sew the base trying to keep the layers together.

8. And here you go with the central pom-pom! It is cute, isn’t it? 🙂

9. Now comes the most difficult part of this project. You have to fix the pom-pom in the center of the 4 petals and start to sew it around by keeping together the petals while you attach the center of the flower. Once you are done the flower looks like this:

It can be worn as a brooch and secure on your blouse with either a safety pin or a sewn brooch pin.

More similar flowers you can see here.

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Folded rose

Waiting for the real spring to come over I’ve spent some time and created few flowers using the technique called folded rose. The pattern and inspiration was the book I’ve already mentioned here, in some earlier post.

It is not difficult to make it. I used the kind of fabric that once folded was a bit tough to stitch it. The top of my fingers hurt a bit now because of pushing the needle was not an easy job. I consider buying a special tool to make my life easier…

Well, going back to the tutorial, here are today’s actors:

1. You need: fabric, scissors, needles, pins, thread, tailoring meter or anything that can help you to measure, tailors chalk

2. Measure 10 x 110 cm stripe and cut along of the fabric piece. Here I cut 2 different coulours as I plan to create 2 flowers:

3. Take the stripe and fold in both long sides that way that they meet at the center of the stripe. To keep them folded you either iron it or you can pin it for a while:

4. Twist the stripe at 45 degrees angles till the end of the stripe.

In this case I used some pins to help the fabric to stay folded:

6. When the whole stripe is folded, we can start to stitch it. We start to stitch along with one short side and continue with a long side:

After all it’s stitched you can start to gather tightly the fabric:

7. At this point you are almost done and start to form the rose:

You can choose to leave it like this or you can add a bead in the center. Sew it on the back carefully to catch all the layers but to still keep the shape of the flower. Then you apply a brooch pin and that’s all! Voila, here it is a yellow rose! Enjoy!


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Sunny day in Prague

Yeterday I did some new shape flowers for a friend. This morning sun was so nicely and friendly shinning that made me took few pictures of the flowers and share them with you.

They are made of felt with some black wooden beads the yellow one and golden glass beads the green one.

Yellow flower has 6cm diameter.

Green flower has 9cm diameter:

I love the shadows in these pictures :).


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Week 5 Project – Fabric yo-yo

In my previous post I was using for the center of my multi-layer flower a yo-yo. This is a very simple fabric flower which can be used as an accessorize itself or attached to a flower assembly.

1. You need:

– fabric cut in 2 size circles;

– scissors, needles, thread, beads;

2. Take a circle fabric and bend the margin inside. Start to stitch around as shown in the picture:

3. When you are done should look like this inside:

and like this on the other side:

4. After the whole circle is stitched as in the above picture, you can start to gather the thread:

5. Push the middle inside and arrange the pleats. Voila, you got your yo-yo. It is up to you if you would like to add a bead in the center or leave it empty:

6. At the end I got these small pretty ones:

Now you can use them individually as I did for multi layer  flower or you can create a small brooch by sewing them together

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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Week 4 Project – Multilayer flower

I am back! Well, after 3 weeks off I cannot say I am very happy to be back to a normal life for the next 10-11 months but what else one can do? I have to admit that I was lazy during this holiday, doing almost nothing for improving my techniques, haven’t studied any new pattern but I was thinking seriously to transform this hobby in something commercial and why not, at the end of the day to have other people wearing and enjoying the result of my work. A task to think about for the next weeks and to develop into something concrete.

And as I promissed I come here with the tutorial for multi-layer flower. It is a medium difficulty project which requires more time than for a standard flower. The final flower consists on 3 layers of flower created based on the similar technique and one yo-yo center ( I will post the yo-yo in a different tutorial).

1. You need:

– fabric: i used both a linen fabric and chiffon/silk and in both cases the flowers look great. It is more difficult to work with linen but the result is very nice.

– 3 different size of bowls or glasses for cutting the circles;

– scissors, needles, thread;

2. Cut 6 circles of each size you want to have. I used (12cm, 7cm, 4cm). Fold the circle in half and then again in half, I missed to take a picture of this but at the end the petals should look like a triangle.

For easy work you can now iron the petals to keep the triangle shape when you will start stitching.

3. Continue with all 6 petals of the same size:

And here you have a flower for the first layer:

4. Using the same procedure, create the other 2 flowers. After you created the smallest one, create a yo-yo flower which will be the center of your big flower. Sew this yo-yo in the center of the smallest flower:

5. Now you are almost done. You can sew or glue the 3 flowers one over the other and this is the final brooch:

Hope you enjoyed.

Have fun doing this yourself!

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Week 4 Project – Black linen multi-layer flower

I plan to poste the tutorial for this flower. It has a vintage note and it is very elegant.

I will be travelling and then on holiday by mid September. Hopefully when I will be back I will post more about my hobby-work.

Full tutorial here.

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Week 3 Project – Organza rose

As promissed I come back today with the few steps of this nice and tiny organza brooch.

As the project was done during few days due to long weekend spent out of Prague and other projects priority, pictures are taken on few steps and days.

1. You need:

– organza;

– scissors;

– needle;

– thread;

– candle;

– beads;

2. Cut circles of different sizes. 3-4 of each size.

3. Cut each circle in half and prepare a little candle. Using the techique from Organza flower carefully melt the margins of the half circles.

4. Now you can start building up your rose. Start with the small petals and sew one by one. You stitch the first petal till middle and then add the second one.

5. You continue this way till you are satisfied with the size of your final rose.

6. Now you can start to gather the threat and carefully create the rose.

7. Sew around and fix the petals. If you like you can keep it like a rosebud or you can open it more and sew few beads in the middle. You can attache on the back a safety pin and wear it as a brooch.

Hope you enjoyed as I did!


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