Simple Felt Fabric Flower

13 Nov

This is one of the easiest flowers one can make. I used as inspiration a tutorial from here. Cutting and putting together the petals is similar however, for a richer and fantastic effect, I added a central piece: hand made felt pom pom.

 1. You need: felt in 2 different colours, scissors, needles, thread, brooch pin or safety pin, tailors chalk and template.

2. Put the paper template over the felt. I use the chulk to design the shape and then cut it around the line. Cut 4 such shapes.

3. Next you fold the rounded petals into half. Press them to keep being folded or you can shortly iron them but do not insist too much.

4. Now you arrange them. The next petal corner has to be over the previous petal. Once arranged, it should look like in the picture.

5. Time for the pom-pom. Take a different colour felt stripe, about 4x10cm size. Bent it on half lengthwise. Start to sew the open edge.

6. Once done, cut along the other edge, creating a sort of fringe.

7. After finishing this, roll it up and sew the base trying to keep the layers together.

8. And here you go with the central pom-pom! It is cute, isn’t it? 🙂

9. Now comes the most difficult part of this project. You have to fix the pom-pom in the center of the 4 petals and start to sew it around by keeping together the petals while you attach the center of the flower. Once you are done the flower looks like this:

It can be worn as a brooch and secure on your blouse with either a safety pin or a sewn brooch pin.

More similar flowers you can see here.

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