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First snow and other things

Today was the first serious snow in Prague and maybe the white of the nature and the Christmas spirit made me think about nice things and one of them was my blog. I haven’t written here for some time. But I have an excuse. We were moving to a new flat and all this packing and unpacking activity consumed all my energy and mood for doing something creative. All my crafting stuff was packed already and just yesterday evening I moved it to a new box I bought specially for this.

Now I want to share with you something I created few weeks ago and I used it already every time when I go shopping. It is a very pretty, happy, colourful shopping bag. It has a medium size and it is very practical when you need to do small shopping in a supermarket where usually I do not like to carry my daily city bags.

So, here it is…

…and others to come as I plan to give few as Christmas present.

Have a peaceful driving in a snowy country :).

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