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Coming soon – Organza rose



 Tutorial here!

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Week 2 project – Organza flowers

Today I decided to post another simple flower. I thought this would be nice to offer as a present to a granny or for myself to wear it with a not very sophisticated dress, one evening while having a dinner out. Can be used as a brooch, attached to a pin or ribbon and wear it in hear or for non-conformists, attached to the shoes.

1. You need:

– fabric, preferable organza or tule, however the kind of fabric containing plastic;

– scissors;

– needle and pins;

– thread;

– candle;

– beads;

– a bit more patience.

2. Cut circles from the fabric. You would need 4 sizes x 4-5 pieces.

3. Now you need to light up your candle. It is good to stay in a place without wind to have the candle’s flame not moving. Take one by one the circles and closed up to the fire let them melt a bit. Be careful as containing plastic, the fabric is melting very fast and it might happen to burn more than you want.

4. After you finished all circles, you can try to build up your flower. You can use some pins to put together all petals.

5. Choose some beads you like and using needle and thread start to make stitched to fix the petals. After you are almost done and satisfied with the result start to add in the middle the beads, one by one if they are a big size or 4-5 together once if they are tiny.

6. Some more stitches and you are done. Voila! 

That’s all! Have fun!


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Week 1 project – Peony

Some time ago I bought this book – Fabric Flowers Fun-to-Wear of Elizabeth Helene Searle. Few of her projects are interesting and I decided to start my blog with a very simple flower from this book.

I would consider the level of complexity – Beginner / Time – 30 min / Effect – Distinct

Can be used as a brooch or made in smaller dimensions you can accessorize your shoes, belt or bag.

1. You need:

– fabric (7.5cm x 125cm strip, recommended torn for the final effect;

– scissors;

– needle and threat;

– tailor meter;

– pins and tailor chalk

2. From the piece of fabric measure and tear a strip of 7.5 x 125cm. To make my life a bit easier I used the tailor chalk and i started to draw on the fabric from one edge to the other triangles with 45 degrees angle for the whole length of the strip.

3. Stitch over the  drawn lines for the whole length of strip, at the end gather the fabric tightly

and here the way it looks after you gather it all

4. After I gather the whole fabric, I started to roll it around and sew here and there to secure the roll. And here we are:

Hope you enjoy doing this yourself!

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Welcome to Fabric Flowers blog

Hello traveler,

This is a tentative of blogging and communicating with people from all over the world and sharing experience, tips, techniques on fabric flowers’ hand making process with the ones that are same passionte as I am about creating something with their own hands.

My first attempt here is to share my creations and get feedback from you about the way they look, the colours and techniques I used. What do you like most, what should be improved and at the end, if one of these flowers would be for sale which one you would like to purchase?

And not forgetting about politness, few words about me. My name is Claudia and I can define myself being an easily adaptable person: born in Romania, lived in Finland, now working in Czech Republic and then, who knows which will be the next station. I started this hobby of hand made fabirc flowers from a deep need of creating something with my hands. I am working in an IT company and everything I do it is virtual – communication, human interaction, daily tasks…

I will start posting a flower a week and I will be more than happy to get in touch with you for comments and feedback.

I kindly ask you to not use the pictures and content of this blog for publishing or profit activities without my approval.

Have a great day,



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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